Upgraded to 2.6 - now getting error(s) via email

Am getting

2048: Non-static method DB::isError() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in /usr/share/pear/DB/common.php on line 1356


2048: is_a(): Deprecated. Please use the instanceof operator in /usr/share/pear/DB.php on line 594

every night

you probably have error reporting on NOTICES turned on in php which can result in a fair amount of chatter. Those are both coming from your pear library though, not from FreePBX. Your best bet is probably to adjust your php.ini to not warn you on php notices.

hm… but i didnt change anything to php when i updated to 2.6, and I have 2 other boxes running the EXACT same config not hollaring…


the error is not coming from the FreePBX code but from the pear library that FreePBX uses. It is possible that there are code paths being executed in the pair library that were being done so before but that is where the error is coming from (and that may or may not be the same, as it is not FreePBX code.)

ok, so any idea on what to look for? whats interesting, these 3 boxes are using the exact same distro and all updated to 2.6, but only my box at home started generating these errors.

So I dont have a clue on what to loor for…?

if they are using the same distro, have you gone to the forum for that distro to seek help on the issue?

well, after not getting to look at the db stuff last night, but did update to newest version of modules - the error went away.