Upgraded to 13, now can't access 'Recordings' to send fax

I have the Fax Pro module and it has been running well and to send faxes we have typically gone to our local server address/recordings. From there we could select ‘Fax’ from the available options and send faxes. Since upgrading to 13 that is no longer the case. When I navigate to server address/recordings I get a page full of errors:


Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_WARNING)
include_once(./modules/faxpro.module): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

$recursive_max = 1;
$recursive_count = 0;
$files = getFiles($modules_path,$filter,$recursive_max,$recursive_count);

foreach($files as $key => $path) {

  // build module object
  $path_parts = pathinfo($path);
  list($name,$ext) = preg_split("/\./",$path_parts['basename']);

“Recordings” has been depreciated since 12. You should be using UCP

Where do I find the login information for using the UCP? I’ve never been able to login to it.


Thanks! Got it working!