Upgraded PHP Deprecated Functions

How can I fix this when I login to ARI:

Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in /var/www/html/urecordings/includes/common.php on line 47

this states - list($name,$ext) = split(".",$path_parts[‘basename’]);
Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in /var/www/html/urecordings/includes/common.php on line 69

this states - $disabled_modules = split(’,’,$ARI_DISABLED_MODULES);
Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in /var/www/html/urecordings/includes/common.php on line 139

this states - $files = split(’;’,$AMP_FUNCTIONS_FILES);

these errors repeat!

You have not provided any useful information at all for us to answer your question.
Is this a setup that you built by your self? Or is it some kind of distro you are using? What is the version of FreePBX?

Sorry have AsteriskNow 1.5 freepbx 2.8

Updated php from 5.1 to 5.3 to install phpmyadmin is when I started getting those errors

OK, upgrading PHP definitely broke your install.
You have a couple of options:

  1. Downgrade php
  2. Upgrade FreePBX to 2.9
  3. Scrap AsteriskNOW and install FreePBX distro.

Your call…

You can always install phpmyadmin on an internal machine and then set up mysql on the asterisk server to allow network connections from that internal host.

This way you don’t have to mess with the php version on your asterisk server or have phpmyadmin installed on a machine directly accessible from the Internet.


Any idea or info on downgrading back to php 5.1?

Will try updating FreePBX to 2.9

… I really should know better then to mess with a server thats in production.