Upgraded from PBX In A Flash to FreePBX

I upgraded a test box to the latest “FreePBX.” Now that I’ve done so, I’m having a problem finding a good working example of how to use the “new” dial pattern layout with regards to dialing UK numbers (I have a “VoiPTalk” Trunk).

I had zero problems creating outbound routes in the previous version of asterisk/PBX In A Flash ( with the “text editor style box,” but I’m having no luck with the newer format for creating outbound routes in FreePBX.

I was previously able to use the following patterns for UK dialing:

  • 0|Z.
  • 0[0-9]XXXXXXXXX .

Under “Trunks,” I was using the following:

  • 0044 + XXXXXXXXXX
  • 0049 + XXXXXXXXXX

I’m currently getting “Your number cannot be completed as dialed,” but the trunk, line, and ip phone are all registering scratch which is a good thing (Scott coached me through a few things once or twice some time ago).

I’m convinced I’m hosing the dial pattern. How should this be done as of now?


You need to decide what you want to dial and know what the trunk provider expects.

Lets say we are using the North American dial plan and the trunk provider is using the European dial plan.

In this case we dial 011 plus country code plus number while the UK provider expects 0 plus the number for UK terminations and 00 plus countrycode plus number for other destinations.

To achieve this we need two match patterns, one for UK country code 44 calls and anotherfor other destinations.

We can do this in the outbound route or trunk modules. Personally I prefer to do everything in the outbound route and leave the trunk blank.

prepend - 0 prefix - 01144 match pattern - ZX. (this takes care of the UK)
prepend - 00 prefix - 011 match pattern - NX.(this takes care of all other countrycodes)

The system is very versatile, basically prepend adds digits, prefix drops digits and match pattern is sent as it is.

There is more than one way of skinning a cat so you may feel more comfortable doing it differently!

Much thanks as well… I ended up factory resetting my Grandstream GXV3140 and “Boom!!” It oddly enough started working…

I’m able to make UK calls again using the following method:

  1. prepend - blank - prefix blank - match pattern - XZ. (UK Dialing)

  2. prepend - blank - prefix blank - match pattern - 001. (US Dialing)

  3. prepend - blank - prefix blank - match pattern - 0049. (Germany Dialing)

I don’t really dial out of the trunk to often either. :slight_smile:

Again, thanks, I welcome any suggestions :slight_smile:


Most every hard phone has an embedded “dial-string” setup that will permit or deny what you dial on that phone.

You need to watch what is actually dialled by your phone at the asterisk CLI or in /var/log/asterisk/full, that setup is nothing to do with FreePBX.