Upgraded from 12 to 13 and lost a lot of EPM functions

I just upgraded from FreePBX 12 to 13, after the upgrade I went in to EPM to find I have very limited options for my Sangoma phone templates. I’m thinking something didn’t upgrade correctly or I need to install/upgrade something else. Is there any reason the additional options are missing?

As you can see, I also can’t select my new phones model, the S500.

I think your GUI is caching something. Their are numerous sub tabs.

How would I correct the caching?

Not sure if you are talking about my browser cache, but I have cleared that and it does not fix it.

I also tried creating a new template and still didn’t see any sub tabs.

Tried uninstalling and re-installing EPM. Still no luck

First confirm that Endpoint Manager is fully up to date. Also check with another browser to see if it is a browser issue.

I had a similar issue with the commercial EPM when I updated to the latest version of freepbx. Lots of features missing initially.

The problem was that EPM didn’t actually update due to the licensing. I was out of the one year update window. So EPM updated to the first version of the 13 track and stopped there, likely a first quick port.

It didn’t actually show up in a visible way until I installed all the other latest modules, then I noticed some sort of icon next to EPM (sorry, I don’t know for sure what it was).

Anyway, this may or may not be your problem. Just suggest that you verify your EPM is actually at something like 13.0.39 and not just telling you it is the latest.

Renewing my license and updating to 13.0.39 did the trick. I was previously on 13.0.2 and it didn’t find any updates when I checked for updates.

Thanks for the help!