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Upgraded and now all the things are broken

(Spotswood1) #1

Well, not all the things, but phones are down. I upgraded CentOS and FreePBX here’s the PBX info: PBX Firmware:5.211.65-14
PBX Service Pack:

Anyhow - when I started everything back up, it made me re-authenticate. Wouldn’t allow my old deployment ID, so I got a new on. Had to buy a couple new modules :frowning:

I can call in and it goes to my IVR, but none of the phones work. All have “account not registered”

I tried deleting the user, phone and account and then recreated all. Still same issue.


(Jared Busch) #2

That is old. I would revert to backup and not do it again without testing.

How long has it been since you updated things?

(Spotswood1) #3

Updated hardware and OS this weekend.

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

The only supported upgrade path for the Distro is as shown here:

Starting with 5.211.65-14 you would run scripts incrementally and in order until you get to current.

(Spotswood1) #5

If I go to the Updates section, here’s what I’m seeing.

Current PBX Version:
Current System Version:5.211.65-14

I will update

(Lorne Gaetz) #6

FreePBX 14 with Distro firmware 5.211? I would not even attempt to proceed with this combination, just restore from a good backup from before your upgrade.