Upgraded a couple modules have a couple of WARNINGS on SYSTEM STATUS page

Per title i upgraded a couple modules last night and today I saw a couple of WARNING SIGNS on my status page

RestApps Daemon (restapps.php dead but pid file exists)
Queue Callback Daemon (queue-callback.php dead but pid file exists)
Prosody (XMPP) (**** A problem occured while reading the config file /etc/prosody/prosody.cfg …)
Xmpp Presence Daemom (presence.php is stopped)

Do i need to restart a service for these to go away ? I’m not using these modules so i could probably disable them too but i’d like to do it the proper way. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

Assume this is on FreePBX 12. If so sounds like a small bug as those should not display unless you have those modules licensed. Please open a bug report at issues.freepbx.org

nope i’m still on 5.211.65-16 and don’t have these modules licensed, but they never threw an error before. is that why i’m getting those errors (licensing)?

Its a bug but you are on FreePBX 12 as those are only displayed on FreePBX 12. It should only display when the module is licensed and installed. The bug is showing when not licensed also and will be fixed.

thanks tonyclewis! i’ll update as soon as the fix becomes available.