Upgrade vulnerable restapps can't purchase support

I have a machine that has restapps stuck at This is on Freepbx 15. Since it is vulnerable I can’t get past the vulnerable message to be able to purchase support on it. Is there a way to purchase support outside of the freepbx web console? Any attempt to perform a fwconsole ma install restapps --tag xxxxxxx fails telling me it is at the current version. I’m at my wits end here and really would like to get this school back to working like they want.

Yes, you can purchase through https://portal.Sangoma.com using the email address and password when you activated it.

The only option I have seen there is to purchase a new 1 year license. Am I missing where I can get the support renewal there? I’ll poke around some more but I had looked there already.

I stumbled on it somehow. Now to find the deployment.

Phone Apps13.0.88.11Sangoma Technologies Corporation[Commercial] Enabled and up to date
“Vulnerable to security issues SEC-2021-013, SEC-2020-004”)Vulnerable, Requires: 15.0.20]

So I guess either I wait for some magical process to happen sometime in the future? In the meantime I have deleted it since I don’t need to rebuild another machine. Already been down that road once.

I think there was a previous thread that suggests it gets updated to the licensing overnight. You can try refreshing the activation in the PBX.

I did the refresh and see the new end date for support. I’ll wait for now. Luckily school is out and this only affects around 9 people.

that was me…
yes. for some Stupid reason, the FreePBX Licensing / purchases arent available until after an overnight sync.

because throwing money at the problem and wanting to fix a security vulnerability is a “Next Business Day” issue, obviously (sorry, had to have a little bit of snark…)

I had to rewrite my words a few times. I feel the snark…

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If System Admin is showing the updated renewal dates, then everything is in place to install the current version. You may have to overcome some local module admin caching, so either of the following should work:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall restappps --force
fwconsole ma downloadinstall restapps --tag 15.0.34

fwconsole ma downloadinstall restapps --tag 15.0.34
No repos specified, using: [standard,extended,commercial,unknown] from last GUI settings

Unable to update module restapps - 15.0.34, it does not exist:
Updating Hooks…Done
Chowning directories…Done
Same thing I’ve seen for the past few days. I’ll check again tomorrow.

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