Upgrade Troubles

Really strange thing happened today when I was going to upgrade my system. I started with 2.210.62-1 and went into system admin then updates. I clicked to upgrade to 2.210.62-2 and for some reason it did not stop at just 2.210.62-2 but continued installing upgrades until it got to the current release of 4.211.64-7. Everything seems to be working but now on the Freepbx status page it shows there are 69 new modules but when you go into the module admin, the only thing that is showing is Freepbx framework version When I click to check online, it shows Force Download and Install Anybody got any ideas of why it kept updating until it got to the latest version and now the module admin has problems?

Looking more into this, under admin there is a 2.10 upgrade tool and when you go into it this is the message.

Current Version Info (Updated each stage of upgrade process):

FreePBX Base Version: 2.11.0alpha0
FreePBX Framework Version:
FreePBX Core Version:

You appear to have partially upgraded to version 2.11, your current version number is 2.11.0alpha0. The remaining steps you should take are:

Go to Module Admin, press check for online updates, and upgrade the FreePBX Framework module from the online repository. Do not upgrade other modules.
Check for online updates again and upgrade all other modules that have upgrades available. If you get dependency warnings, simply repeat the process until all modules are upgraded.
Press the Apply Configuration Changes bar.
Once you have completed these steps you will be upgraded to the new 2.11 version and you may disable or remove this module if it it does not do so automatically.

It looks like this may possibly be the problem but how do I get it to upgrade the module? When I go to the module admin the only thing that is listed is the freepbx framework and when I check online the option is to force download and install. When I do that it looks like it downloads and installs but nothing changes.