Upgrade to sng7

We are currently using 10.13.66-19.

  1. when does this version EOL for updates
  2. what process (if possible) to upgrade to sng7
  3. if we do upgrade to sng7 does our support and licensing for commercial modules get honored


When did this version EOL … As I recall, that dats has passed a while ago.

There are a few paths forward. @lgaetz has enumerated several paths. I think you are “new” enough that the in-place upgrade script should work, but you need to check the information on FreePBX Distro Versions and Upgrade Scripts

If you keep the same activation code you should be able to just turn them on

When do updates / module updates end for this version?

When the freepbx HA module is released officially for freepbx 14 then freepbx 13 will be EOL. Perhaps we will start a release map around that time so it’s easier to tell what’s going on.

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Rough time line? We are just wondering how long we can stay on this version.

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