Upgrade to FreePBX Distro 6.12: Frobulating

I upgrading my Freepbx distro 5.x deployment to Freepbx distro 6.12 using the commercial administration module. After the upgrade completed, I logged back into my web portal and it simply says: Welcome to FreePBX Frobulating.

I did a bit of looking in log files and I’m not seeing any red flags. The PBX seems to be working, but this can’t be good.

I can’t even seem to find a reference to what Frobulating means.

That’s just a whimsical piece of text that you shouldn’t even SEE, as it is part of the javascript initialization.

Something’s crashing the javascript when it’s trying to load dashboard. Can you open up your developer console (just push F12 in Chrome) and reload the page. You’ll see some red text appear, and we need to know what it says, and where it links to (that’ll be over thee right hand side of the window)

EDIT: Turns out the user had partially upgraded his FreePBX. He need to complete the upgrade on the Module Admin page (by changing the URL from …/admin/config.php to …/admin/config.ph?display=modules and then continuing the upgrade process there)

Quick plug for IRC here, this was solved in about 30 seconds as soon as he jumped in!

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