Upgrade to FreePBX 2.10 and now no webUI

I just followed the instructions from http://www.freepbx.org/forum/freepbx-distro/distro-discussion-help/release-versions?page=1 to upgrade my system and everything seems to have completed fine but now I am not able to access the FreePBX webUI, I get an HTTP 500 error and I my phones aren’t working. I am not that good with Linux so don’t really know what to do to get this working so any help would be appreciated. The system is setup in an office that is closed for the night but they will be expecting the phones to work in the morning so all help will be appreciated.

Can you access the box at all? Can you ping it or SSH into it?

I can access webmin and can then gain access to the file system and cli. all config files seem to be in place.

I am also able to get to the freepbx cli using the asterisk -r command. No webUI and phones still dont work.

I’m having a similar issue of no WebUI after installing
php 5.3
then the Sys Admin module

Asterisk is still running properly and handling calls but the WebUI is Gone
and all I get is a 500 error, it doesn’t even prompt for a login.

It does not sound like you were running the actual FreePBX Distro since you are stating you had to installed those RPM’s

Everything seems to be up and running. I can ping, webadmin, ssh, and phones are working. I am just unable to get the updates.

My box is running fine as well. routing calls, ssh, everything is functioning, but the webUI is returning a 500 error