Upgrade to Freepbx 16

Hi everyone. Was trying to do an upgrade to Freepbx 16 but cane up with this error

Digiumaddoninstaller/Digium_phone_module are deprecated / not supported in PBX 16+ systems. Please uninstall these modules before continuing with the PBX upgrader.

I can’t seem to find this module
Can anyone assist

From a shell

 fwconsole ma list|grep -i dah

What is this command going to do . does not seem to solve the problem

grep -i dah
| dahdiconfig | | Enabled | GPLv3+ |
[[email protected] ~]#

This is the output

That’s the module you need to remove. If you’re not using it for anything, removal is easily done with:

fwconsole ma delete dahdiconfig 

If you are using it, then you will want to take steps to record settings so you can transfer the devices to EPM.

Thank you for this.
After removing it I still get the same error when trying to do the upgrade

Tried uninstalling Digium addons from the gui then tried

ete digiumaddoninstaller
The following error(s) occured:

So not sure now

There is a digium addon module and a digium phone config module. What does the module admin say? Are both modules gone?

Thank you

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