Upgrade to FreePBX 16 error


I’m going round in circles trying to upgrade to v16 which I hope someone might be able to help me with.

I’ve cleared all the depreciated modules apart from

endpointman is deprecated/not supported in PBX 16+ systems. Please remove endpointman module before continuing with the PBX upgrade.

So I try and get

Errors with selection:

  • EndPoint Manager cannot be uninstalled because the following modules depend on it:
    * adv_recovery
    • restapps

ADV Recovery says

Disabled; Pending Upgrade to 15.0.49

And the CLI says

No such command ‘fwconsole’.

Endpoint is also licenced till 2044

Really confused

endpointman (OSS Endpoint Manager) and endpoint (Commercial Endpoint Manager) are two different modules.

Please remove “endpointman” module. Check your module page or “fwconsole ma list|grep endpoint” output.

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Since the OSS endpoint manager is community maintained and generally not installed on any internal developers machine how was it determined that it wasn’t supported in 16? Seems suspect to me.

Thanks, I’ve managed to do it via PUTTY.

There was alot of modules to disable and I ended up removing EM altogether but the update went smoothly…

Stupidly I forgot to export the EM extensions so I’ve restored a backup to get them off and import them back into my new box,

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