Upgrade to Current FreePBX distro

Hello Everyone,

   I am actually real new to this but I am reponsible for a phone system with about 50 extensions and 3 Trixbox appliances that was purchased from voiplink. I am learning that the Trixbox version on it is limited somewhat so I am wondering how hard would it be to upgrade from to a freepbx 2.10 distro and can it be done in place over the current configuration also can I just move the config files as there are some special custom destinations and inbound rules set up. Thanks for your advice in advance,

Happy Holidays everyone.

I suggest you use the search tool on the forum.

We have provided a utility to convert trixbo to the distro.

Here is a whole thread on it


Thanks you Tony,

   Yo uare correct I should have searched the forums for it, I only searched via goole.