Upgrade to Asterisk 1.6 (on Existing FreePBX 2.7 & 1.4 Install)

I was under the impression Asterisk 1.6 was not supposed by FreePBX, until I noticed today’s mass-email update, and realized that it was.

This brings me to a question … is there any way to upgrade to Asterisk 1.6, when using an existing FreePBX install that is running Asterisk 1.4?

Because Asterisk 1.6 uses some different configuration/syntax structure, I have to assume I cannot simply update from 1.4 to 1.6 and assume it will work. Is there something I have to do, to notify FreePBX that it will be running on 1.6, once I’ve done the upgrade? Or should I avoid upgrading to 1.6 altogether?

Thank you in advance,