Upgrade to 6

i am planning on upgrading from 5 to 6.
will the procedure reboot my system?

Upgrading what from 5 to 6? CentOS?


if i remember correctly,the upgrade itself will not automatically reboot (at least using the upgrade scripts) but you will have to reboot once it is done. by the way, this is a good reason to use a hypervisor (unless you have analog lines or T1) and run the pbx as a vm even if the pbx is the only thing running on the box. the reboot will take only a matter of seconds instead of minutes.

I’m sorry: upgrading the freepbx.


i’ll take precautions and make a backup to revert back to 5, just in case.

we have done a lot of these upgrades and have rarely had a problem. good luck.

upgrade done.

it asked to reboot the box. box is 20 minute drive away, so that was a suspenseful 2 minutes waiting untill it got back up.
everything seems ok.