Upgrade to 2.6 broke all audio


i upgraded to 2.6 core yesterday and now i have the following problems:

  • no audio heard on incoming IVRs
  • dial-out works, but there is no audio on send/receive
  • IVR menu options no longer work (tried to press 1 for sales, 2 for support, etc. even tho i couldn’t hear the IVR, but they don’t work either)

running asterisk 1.4

anyone else have these issues … or have ideas … or can tell me the quickest way to revert back to 2.5.


i did install that optional module from bandwidth for sip settings … read in another forum that this broke some other people’s config’s as well … after uninstalling that module, i went back into each of my trunks and a few extensions, just saving the config’s (no changes, just hitting save).

and then my phone rang … and i could hear … it was a magical moment :slight_smile: