Upgrade to 14 via VM with commercial modules

I’m sorry if this is answered elsewhere, but I didn’t find it. I am wanting to upgrade to 14, but have an x86 13 system on the latest distro build now. I didn’t like the look of using the “upgrade-tool” so I was thinking of setting up a VM and installing the 64-bit version of 13 on it, migrating my system to that so that I know everything is still working properly before I take down the current system. Then I’d upgrade the VM to the 14 version, then install the 14 version on my hardware and migrate back to that. What I am wondering about is my commercial modules and system activation. How would that work?


You can move your deployment ID from the old install to the new using:

Thank you

I’m in NO way an expert on this… but that is exactly what I did a week ago Friday… and it did NOT go so well. I lost a Zend reset (you only get 2). The way it worked for me was to deactivate from the pbx - system admin - activation. Then reactivate on the new version 14 pbx. That used the 2nd zend reset. When some features would not cooperate after a few days of trouble-shooting, I had to submit a request to support asking them if they would be kind enough to reset it for me so I could move it BACK to the original server.