Upgrade to 13 - HA

What is the correct process to upgrade to 13 on a HA setup. Currently running 12. Would you treat it like a regular system update, putting one in standby, running the upgrade on the active, then put that one on standby and do the other? Thanks.

I’d honestly prefer if you didn’t do an upgrade from 12 to 13 just yet. It’ll PROBABLY work, but I haven’t tested it anywhere near as much as it needs to be.

As it’s a major upgrade, I need to do LOTS of testing to catch all the nasty little corner cases that could cause you an outage, and that takes several uninterrupted days (Really! There’s a lot of test cases to run through!) before I’m happy with it, and I’m not going to have several uninterrupted days for a while…

If you really want to, I’d suggest opening a commercial support ticket, and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks for the reply. Im not in a rush to upgrade, just was wondering about process. Ill wait till you get the magic smoke put back in…

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Hi Rob, I was about to attempt an upgrade for an HA Appliance with FreePBX 12 (6.12.65-32) to FreePBX 13 (10.13.66) and saw this thread, have you done all the testing you mentioned? would you now consider it safe or should I wait?


Upgrading to FreePBX 13 from FreePBX 12 is easy (module admin -> check online -> Version upgrader).

Upgrading from Distro 6.5 to 6.6 is a lot harder (and also, is not needed to move to FreePBX 13).

If you really want to upgrade to Distro 6.6, I’ve written a walkthrough.

It’s quite complex, unfortunately.


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Thanks Rob,

I upgraded to FreePBX 13 and once I confirmed everything was ok I then followed the steps in your walkthrough and was able to successfully upgrade to Distro 6.6, all seems to be working fine…


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Sorry for my confusion, Im running distro 6.12.65-28 in HA. I can run the updater on each box and not update 6.5 to 6.6 if I want to skip the complex stuff? Thanks.

If you just want to upgrade FreePBX, you can do that with just the 12->13 upgrader. There’s no need to do it on both machines. You can run FreePBX 13 on Distro 6.12 without any issues.

One last question Rob. Do I need to place the B node into Standby, run the 12 -> 13 upgrader, then bring B back online, or just run the upgrader and leave A and B syncing? Thanks in advance.

Can anyone clarify on the last point? Just want to make sure before I pull the trigger.

You can upgrade FreePBX without any extra effort at all. Upgrading the OS - Distro - requires the extra effort.

Note that there are issues with some services not starting and stopping correctly, so if I was you, I’d just hang off for a few weeks.

Ok. Thanks for the info.

Can you update if the service start/stop issues have been resolved? Im needing to upgrade the distro as well so I can take advantage of the S500 integration. Thanks in advance for all of your advice.

Yep, it should all be fine. If not, please feel free to open a ticket against it and it’ll get fixed 8)

Thanks again for the help.

There is no need to upgrade Distro to support the new Sangoma Phones, as far as I’m aware. Just upgrade your FreePBX Version (as above, via the 12->13 Upgrade Module inside FreePBX), and it should all start working.

Ok. I thought it had to be updated. I guess I got confused somewhere. Thanks!