Upgrade thoughts from v12 to v13

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I’d like to upgrade a freepbx v12 Distro on Centos 6.9 to v13. Have been reading quite a few posts with many mixed results with the upgrade. My main concern is commercial modules as I read in one post and quoted below. Is this a problem as I can’t understand how not having current maintenance could break an upgrade? Thinking maybe he works for Sangoma.
I had an interesting enough time figuring out a failing EPM update after upgrading to v12 so really don’t want to many more module failures during upgrades.

“bksalesBob ReiberJan '17
the upgrade from 12 to 13 works pretty well provided you have all paid modules on current maintenance. things break if they are not.”

If you truly are running Centos 6.9, you are not running the FreePBX distro. But then you talk about commercial modules, which are only supported on the FreePBX Distro, so some clarification pls.

Hi Lorne,

My apology it may not be a freepbx distro but is centos 6.9.
I actually thought it was an early distro of freepbx 2.11 and centos 6 before all the hype about using the centos name or something like that. I think at the time of installation both the new distro and the freepbx/centos was available for download.

In that case, provided you have the luxury of having 2 side by side systems (even a temporary vm), you can use this script to migrate your existing settings to a new FreePBX Distro install:

Thanks Lorne,

There was a lot of talk within the early distro that webmin could not be installed.
Is the later distro o.k to install webmin?

i understand that it is believed to be insecure.

I expect it can be installed, but I’ve never tried. In my 10 years of working on FreePBX systems, I can’t think of an occasion when I felt it was needed. What would you use it for?

It’s certainly not used for any external access.
I probably should get my head around a few more Linux commands but find webmin a quick and easy approach when digging down in directories and making file changes such as the memory change I needed to make in the freepbx.ini to upgrade EPM early today.

Using webmin for a file editor is like taking an aircraft carrier to buy groceries. If you want graphical tools, (and are windows user) you need WinSCP and PuTTY.

We have installed Webmin on one distro, works great.

:laughing: Yeah, I agree
But I like the ease of accessing firewall rules, logs, apache, network configuration ect but should probably look at something thats not such a mothership.


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