Upgrade script without enabling every module?


Can the upgrade scripts be used and “not” install every module? I’m new to the Freepbx distro side and it’s a real pain on fresh installs and upgrades to have every module download and install. After a fresh install I uninstall many of the modules I don’t want only to have them reinstalled after I use the upgrade script.

Should I just be using Yum and Module Admin to keep the distro current?

Thank you,

Sorry upgrade scripts install all modules based on what repos you have enabled in your module admin system. Its the way it works and has to work as new modules are published they need to be installed as part of upgrade so you know about new features.

If you disable a module instead of uninstalling when upgrade scripts run it will upgrade them but since they are disabled they wont get re-enabled and disabled modules do not show up in your menu system.