Upgrade Question

Quick one.

Just got a call from an old customer - they want to upgrade from the PIAF system I installed for them in 2012. Asterisk, Core version

Short of a forklift upgrade, what’s the webpage link that has the upgrade scripts to bring this bad boy up from where I left it. I know I’m going to have to download at least the first upgrade module in the list, since the system can’t get to the FreePBX module repository.

For those keeping score, they brought me in to fix an Asterisk 1.2 system that a previous IT guy had built and now they want me to do a second round of upgrades… This is going to be fun.

I think it is this script you are talking about:

Once you are on the Distro track you can use the appropriate scripts to bring it up to current:

If it was me, I would set up a new system (even if only temporarily) and use this script to migrate settings:

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