Upgrade Problem

Hello All,

I have a PBX I need to upgrade. Not sure all the different updates we did to get to here since it’s been a while, but we are looking to upgrade all the way to the latest. the server shows 1.815.210.58-1 in both the GUI and cat /etc/schmooze/pbx-version.

When I go to apply upgrade-1.816.210.58-1.sh which is the next step in the sequence, I get the following error:
cat: /etc/asterisk/freepbxdistro-version: No such file or directory
cat: /etc/asterisk/freepbxdistro-vendor: No such file or directory
Check to make sure this is a FreePBX Distro system before executing
This does not appears to be a FreePBX Distro system as it has no FreePBX Distro Version file

This box was from the ISO way back and updated occasionally as per documentation since then.

Any suggestions appreciated, I’m looking forward to getting this box current.


BUMP… Can Anyone shed some light on this?


@tm1000 Sorry to tag you in this, but nobody is giving any insight.
Anything you can thinnk of?