Upgrade problem 2.6 to 2.7

Hello – Two servers on the same 4.5 mbps Internet connection, both Centos 2.6.18-164.9.1.el5 on Intel 32xx processors, Asterisk 4.28, FreePBX One upgraded perfectly to FreePBX 2.7RC1.1, the other consistently and repeatably hangs at 91% during the initial framework download. I think we can rule out a communication issue since the other box had no problem pulling the file(s). I’ve restored the configuration and tried again, four times – each time it hits 91% and hangs, apparently forever. Can anyone suggest where to look for a cause, or let me know what’s going on behind that orange box on the screen (is it really just downloading a file, or many files, is it overwriting something?) I suspect there may be a permission problem somewhere and it’s hanging when it can’t overwrite a file, but I don’t yet know enough to find the problem. Is there a log?

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my best guess is that your php memory_limit is lower on the box that is failing.


Thanks for responding. The php.ini resource limits are identical on both boxes:

max_execution_time = 30
max_input_time = 60
memory_limit = 16M

In comparing the two boxes, I do see that the ownership of the files and subdirectories under /var/www/html/admin/modules is different. On both boxes, there are files and directories owned by both apache and asterisk, but they don’t always match. Is there a document somewhere showing the correct ownership and permissions for the /var/www/html/admin subtree?


I have a similar issue.
While upgrading pbx to 2.7 worked fine, I cannot upgrade the framework from 2.7.0RC1.1 to RC1.2.
It fails during download at 86%:
"Downloading framework 2358528 of 2752829 (86%)"
resource limits and permissions all all good.
How can I track down what is happening?


change your memory limit:

memory_limit = 16M

to 128M on both boxes. FreePBX tries to change it if it is too small. Depending on other factors one system might be succeeding while the other is not. But if you change that to 128M and then make sure to restart apache, I bet you start working.

Increased php memory as you suggested, the update worked, except that the installation of the new backup/restore module threw a fatal error:

Cannot migrate Backup table DB Error: already exists

I figured that’s because one of the previous install attempts changed the database, so I saved, then dropped, the backup table and re-ran the install successfully.

Thank you !!!

hmm - considering that backup error, looks like you may want to file a bug. migration code should always detect if a previous migration was done.

Thanks again.

Thanks, changing memory limit fixed my problem, too

as an FYI - if you guys take a look at the Dashboard where notifications are posted, you should have seen a warning about this issue. It’s always a good idea to look there, it’s why it is there:)

That warning has been there since day one, and it claims that it is taking care of the problem - “your limit has been increased,” or something to that effect. Speaking strictly for myself, it dropped off the radar. For the same typing, it could have said “you MUST increase your memory limit NOW…” Eventually, we all just go to sleep :slight_smile: I wonder what the over-under is for asterisk boxes starting up with the “Default Asterisk Manager Password Used” warning?

Anyway thanks again Philippe, I truly appreciate the help.


well the interesting thing checking the code is there are two different warnings printed depending on what php returns when we try to change the memory limit. One is a warning and one is an error. It would be interesting to know if the ‘correct’ notification was being produced on your system:


<?php // Check and increase php memory_limit if needed and if allowed on the system // $current_memory_limit = rtrim(ini_get('memory_limit'),'M'); $proper_memory_limit = '100'; if ($current_memory_limit < $proper_memory_limit) { if (ini_set('memory_limit',$proper_memory_limit.'M') !== false) { $nt->add_notice('core', 'MEMLIMIT', _("Memory Limit Changed"), sprintf(_("Your memory_limit, %sM, is set too low and has been increased to %sM. You may want to change this in you php.ini config file"),$current_memory_limit,$proper_memory_limit)); } else { $nt->add_warning('core', 'MEMERR', _("Low Memory Limit"), sprintf(_("Your memory_limit, %sM, is set too low and may cause problems. FreePBX is not able to change this on your syst em. You should increase this to %sM in you php.ini config file"),$current_memory_limit,$proper_memory_limit)); } } else { $nt->delete('core', 'MEMLIMIT'); } [/php] alternatively, maybe the hard coded value of 100M is too small and we need to increase that. It would be great if you were able to have a look at this and let us know, and file a ticket on the issue if needed...