Upgrade PBX in a Flash

HI, we’re using PBX in a Flash with Asterisk 1.4 and aparently Asterisk 1.6 is out now, and I’ve been told to upgrade our PBX to use the latest version of Asterisk? How big a task is this? Can I just run an update or does this need a complete reinstall of PIAF? Do I just type update-source? How long does this take the PBX down for?

You ever consider asking this question in the PIAF forums where there are many people who would know the answer off the top of their heads?

Realize that just because there is a newer version of 1.6 then 1.4 does not mean you need to drop 1.4 for 1.6. 1.6 is supported to the best efforts currently but some minor things don’t work like the FOP last I checked. So if that is important to you you’ll not want to do it yet.

The most current status of FOP can be found at www.asternic.org.

As a general rule, unless there is a good reason (which would be a feature you need that is not supported), why would you upgrade just to upgrade. Asterisk 1.4 is still the mainstream version where most people are at and is regularly supported for bugs and security issues, and currently there is nothing native in FreePBX that takes advantage of any 1.6 new features.