Upgrade path from fpbx 13 to sng7 to a new server


im currently on fpbx 13 10.13.66-22 and would like to migrate to the latest SNG7 on a new server.
i do not want to touch the production server (in place upgrade etc) as i don’t have sufficient failover for it in case of something going wrong.

Did anyone have success using the conversion tool going from fpbx13 to fpbx13 on a new server?

Or is it safer to install fpbx 13 10.13.66-22 on my new server and restore from current server’s FULL BACKUP? I’m just trying to figure out the safest and error free approach.

another question i have is regarding moving deployment IDs or commercial modules from one server to another.

as far as commercial modules settings (paring pro, conf pro), will the full backup carry those over? i assume the module has to be active during the backup on the old and then again on the new server during the restore for those settings to be restored.

does the full backup restore all vms/recordings/fw settings etc. i’ve done in place upgrades only so im a little bit nervous moving this production system to a new hardware. both are vms and im keeping the same MAC (different ip).

thanks for any tips in advance

Yep. works wonderful.
However, take notes from here how to manually copy some files which the script doesn’t currently copy.

thanks PitzKey for that link it’s super helpful.
CDRs are not that important can i skip them ?

Copy the Voicemail.conf to the new system:
rsync -aP /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf [email protected]:/etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf

Access old system Voicemail. Voicemail is located in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail.

Locate the voicemail.conf and open on the old system. Copy the [default] and entire section below it. and paste into the new pbx conf file.

im not sure what this means. didn’t the above command copy the whole file over and now it needs to be opened up and pasted in from the file that we just copied? i’ll still follow the directions.

it also seems commercial modules have to be re-done by hand. not a big problem, but if i move deployment ID will i still be able to look up the old config page for those comm mods

As of the date of that post, the script did not migrate voicemail config, voicemails, custom audios, and the file etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf

So that explains how to manually copy the mentioned data to the new server.

I am not sure, however, let’s say Endpoint Manager you can manually export the templates and the extensions as a csv. But I can’t tell if importing to a newer version of EPM will actually work… You’ll have to confirm that with someone from the FreePBX/Sangoma team.

just to give an update

I went with full backup of old server 13 10.13.66-22 and restored on a new server with 13 10.13.66-22 installed. so far everything seems to be great and all ext registered to the new box. i will try to upgrade to SNG7 next week since with the new server im able to take snapshots instead of file level backups. i will use “13 to 14 upgrade tool” however when i check for requirements it says

If you are not eligible for upgrades on any of these modules, you can continue, and the latest version suitable for the new FreePBX version will attempt to download. However, it is not recommended to upgrade FreePBX versions without all commercial modules being in their subscription period, as it may completely break your system. Please ensure you have a complete backup before proceeding, if this is the case!

My free updates period for the commercial modules that i have ended in 2016. Am I taking a huge risk going with the upgrade anyway? thanks for any feedback.

also i have few cascading time conditions, do these get moved over to SNG7 and translated onto calendar view?

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