Upgrade path from 6.12.65-32

My FreePBX distro is currently at version 6.12.65-32, FreePBX The System Admin module says my system is up to date, but I know that there are newer versions available. Is there a supported upgrade path from 6.12.65-32 to current release? Or am I looking at manually rebuilding my config on a fresh install (I would like to avoid this if possible). Thanks!

You can get to 10.13 using:

I have done a ton of these migrations - this specific upgrade is very straight forward, but be warned - it will bounce Asterisk several times during the process, so either warn everybody that the phones will be coming and going (by themselves) or do it after hours. Once it is done, do an actual full reboot - It is upgrading the version of CentOS in the background.

Also, after you do the script, you will be at 10.13.66-1 - You then need to get to 10.13.66-21 which means 20 additional scripts to run from here:


If you have System Admin Pro, it will take you all the way from -1 to -21 - but this will bounce the phones at least 20 times - so really best after hours.