Upgrade or not upgrade?

Hi everyone.
I am in a process of setting up a trixbox CE (V:2.2.10) and freepbx (V:2.3.1). I was hoping to get an answer if it’s worth to upgrade to 2.4 or higher? I am in the testing now, so seems like a good time to do it, just need a professional opinion

Thank you.

Find another distro besides trixbox is my first recommendation. If you want to know why search this site for trixbox.

If you do as I recommend, and switching then all you need to do is upgrade FreePBX on the current system to match the version on the new distro version (2.5.x would be my guess) and a quick backup and restore will then move you to a more trouble free and better supported system.

FreePBX 2.3 is not supported and 2.4 receives very minimal support as 2.5 has been the mainstream version for over 1/2 a year. As far as professional opinion goes, 2.5 is where you want to be.