Upgrade in Progress since 03/20/15

update to 6.12.65-25 was successful but not for in System Admin > Updates. i tried rebooting and shutting down freepbx too. Here is the snapshot. How can i complete this update?

We are also seeing this, although the update was only started 30 mins ago.

We were on 6.12.65-24 and pressed the button to upgrade to 6.12.65-26. The system updated to 6.12.65-25 and reports itself as such.

The log on the “Update In Progress” button agrees with the timestamps at the start of the 6.12.65-25 log, the system doesn’t appear to have recognised that the -25 update has completed and it should now start on the -26 process.

Is there any way to abort the upgrade?


I am also having this problem that is hanging up the upgrade from 5.211.65-21 -> 5.211.65-100

2015-04-03 16:48:47 Initializing update process
2015-04-03 16:48:47 Submitting update request
2015-04-03 16:48:48 Requesting updates
2015-04-03 16:48:48 Processing update
2015-04-03 16:49:16 Upgrade process successfully completed!
2015-04-04 06:07:16 Requesting updates
2015-04-04 06:07:16 Processing update
2015-04-04 06:07:51 Upgrade process successfully completed!
2015-04-05 06:07:15 Requesting updates
2015-04-05 06:07:15 Processing update
2015-04-05 06:07:38 Upgrade process successfully completed!
2015-04-06 06:07:01 Requesting updates
2015-04-06 06:07:05 Processing update
2015-04-06 06:07:28 Upgrade process successfully completed!