Upgrade from trixbox 2.8.1

I have several systems on trixbox prior to the fork and a few 2.8.1 after. Can I replace with 2.5 or 2.6rc without any problems and how?

Not knowing what things tb may have changed I don’t know what issues you may have.

From a FreePBX perspective they changed many of their module version numbers to versions such as 5.x.x.x which has the result of Module Admin not updating them if connected to our repository because it thinks yours are more up-to-date.

You could bypass this by a sequence similar to:

  1. Update using the tarball
  2. Setting any version numbers in the modules table to a lower number (e.g. 1.0 would be fine)
  3. check for online updates and pull them down

I think that sequence will do it. The module table list the version it thinks was the last one installed. So this lets it do the update. Just don’t update from the local module or you will be back to the wrong version number. And make sure you do step 2 and then 3 right after each other.

Again - I can’t say what tb related issues this could cause if any. It appears they still haven’t really done anything other than re-brand but I don’t pay attention to them these days to know if that has changed. If they do add value, they don’t contribute it back.

Thank you for that info Philippe. Where would I normally go to reset the module numbers. It looks like the only module number that did not change was ARI Framework. It stayed 5.5.2

Thanks I found it and corrected the problem. Now I am going through the whole system to make sure nothing else is affected.