Upgrade from Freepbx 2.11 to Freepbx 14

I am new to the Freepbx environment but have found some really good help in this forum, I am currently working on upgrading our phone system from 2.11 on Cent OS 6.7 to Freepbx 14 Distro SNG7 Official, I utilized the Distro Conversion Tool (Elastix to PBXinaFlash to FreePBX Distro) have new server imaged with freepbx 14 and transferred everything over from the donor machine everything looks good. But as far as the cutover to the new system not sure what else is required, I know that I will have to swap IP Addresses for the Registar Server or should I just run them side by side and start transitioning people over to the new machine with new IP Address. Our environment isn’t that complicated we have about 50 Extensions with about 20 inbound routes and some daily schedules for call routing. Please help.

The conversion tool does not copy over any custom stuff.
I also found that some misc applications/destinations were disabled.
All Trunks are disabled.

See here how copy some stuff that is not being copied over with the tool: How to: Upgrade FreePBX13 to FreePBX14 on Hyper V - Guide

As far as the cutover, I’d just change IPs, so in case something is badly wrong on the new PBX you can just switch back

I was able to backup the mentioned files from the old system for the new system but it looks like mysql is not loaded in the current environment to import. I tried through the CLI console but was denied permissions to transfer, do I have to install mysql seperately on the new system in order to import?

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