Upgrade from Centos 5.8 to Centos 6

Hello All,

Today while upgrading SysAdmin I got into trouble because the latest version of SysAdmin does not run on Centos 5 anymore.
I found the special upgrade version of SysAdmin for Centos 5 so that problem is solved for now.
But for more future problems I want to upgrade to Centos 6. Is this possible without installing FreePBX all over again?
If yes, is there a procedure available?
If not, how can I easily make a backup, install the latest distro based on Centos 6 and restore the backup.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

No it’s not possible to upgrade CentOS 5.8 to CentOS 6. What you can do however is a backup of FreePBX using the backup and restore module, reinstall using an up to date ISO for your distro of choice, and restore your backup. Please note that we don’t recommend backing up and restoring between FreePBX version, so ensure FreePBX is up to date before doing your backup.

Hi Brian,
Thanks for your reply. My system is up to date. I will make a backup and then install an up to date distro to a new disk and restore the backup. If the restore fails I can always fall back to the old disk.
Again, thanks for your help.
Regards, Ed.

Sorry to hijack this thread however I am not in a position to upgrade my setup from CentOS 5.8 to 6 anytime soon (probably years away). I run the backup module every day and both systems are kept uptodate with regareds to available modules however with updates now becoming an issue (sysadmin being the first) does this now make the backup module useless?

If my existing 5.8 2.11 system ran quite happily for another year and suddenly went boom, I then have to build up a new server with an ISO off the website. This will therefore be CentOS6 and probably 2.11 however with a completly different version set of modules. How would the backup module work then?

When using the backup module, we just expect you to be going between the same FreePBX versions. So for instance if you are using 2.10 on one box and 2.11 on another, you’d want to upgrade FreePBX from 2.10 to 2.11 before restoring to the 2.11 box. The main issue with backup and restore that causes us to recommend being on the same version is the database migrations that are done when upgrading between major versions.

Also of note. Many of the modules that were 2.10 and are now 2.11 have only one change and that is the version number. That’s it.