Upgrade from Asterisk V1.2 to V1.6


I am upgrading from a reasonably old Trixbox implementation running asterisk V1.2 to a new PBX in a flash running Asterisk V1.6. My upgrade consisted of:

  1. Ensuring both servers (old and new) where on the exact same version of FreePBX (V2.6) with the same modules.
  2. Backup using FreePBX the config, CDR, voicemail etc.
  3. Restore using FreePBX to the new server all the options (config, CDR, voicemail etc.)
  4. Press the Red bar

Now, it all appears to work, my 400+ extensions appear, IVRs work, voicemail is accessable but pressing the red bar after any changes takes a very long time.

On the A1.2/F2.6 system the red button comes back after approx 7 seconds. On the A1.6/F2.6 system with the config restored any change takes approx. 130 seconds. This is every time, not just the first time.

Anyone any ideas? Any way I can find out what is taking the time?

The main differences between the boxes (other than the version of Asterisk) are:
new box is 64bit with 6Gb RAM and Quad Core CPU while while the old box was 32bit with Dual Core CPU.
The old box had a primary rate E1 card in it, the new boxe is pure VoIP running the Dahdi dummy timing source.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


well fyi, 2.6 is no longer supported.

whether the patch is ok on 2.6 or not, I really don’t know.

I’m sure you can get some version of the fix to work on 2.6. If it applies then you are probably ok, otherwise you will have to get the equivalent onto 2.6.

Out of support is one of the reasons I want to get off the old trixbox platform, updating was a pain.

The php-asmanager.php patch will go in, but the retrieve_conf one won’t. Malformed patch at line 9.

What I will do is a final copy of the live data next weekend, then upgrade the new server to 2.8 and apply the patch to that. If that doesn’t fix it I will have to live with the issue until V2.9.

Thanks for all your time on this.


Hi Philippe,

That does look very like the issue I have.

I am currently running V2.6 while I am trying to fix the issue on the switch. I would prefer not to try and upgrade the current live switch to V2.8 if I can avoid it.

Is the patch safe to apply on V2.6?




Thanks for your reply.

No, only 1 on this switch with 3 static agents. We have 3 IVRs but they are only single level.

The ‘big ticket’ items are:

Extensions 400+
Inbound Routes 450+ (most users have DDIs plus DDIs for a lot of ring groups and other features like conferences and remote voicemail)
Ring Groups 24
Conferences 26

We have a few time conditions/groups, misc destinations etc. but nothing excessive.

Most features are used (PIN Sets, Misc Apps, Parking Lot, Day/Night etc) but only in small amounts.


do you have a lot of queues?

well then it’s not one thing I was thinking…

have a look at #4435

this is only currently in trunk (which will be 2.9).

You can see that there are patches that people have applied to later versions. If your system is on 2.8 it should be safe to to apply the patches to a system. This may be your issue.