Upgrade from 6.12.65 to 10.13.66

I recently upgraded my freepbx server to the latest version of 6.12.65. Everything works fine.

The next path I would like to is to upgrade tot he latest version: 10.13.66

I also saw some notes saying that while I can upgrade freepbx, asterisk is not automatically upgrade.

How can I see what version of asterisk that I have?

Then, if it better to upgrade freepbx and then upgrade asterisk, or vice versa?

Thanks for any pointers.


Reports, Asterisk Info for current version. Change major ver at any time with:

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Thanks:) I could have seen that myself!

Not I know.

OK, so according to the link yo left me, I can change the version of asterisk at any time. Right?



Yes, but it’ll obviously interrupt live calls… It’s not like upgrading modules.

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