Upgrade from 5.211.65 to 6.12.65

After I upgraded from 5.211.65 to 6.12.65 using the System Admin Pro module it shows that I am still running 2.11. When I Check Online in the module admin I show vulnerable on FreePBX ARI Framework and FreePBX Framework. ARI says it requires 12.0.5, but the only action I can choose is to reinstall For Framework is shows I need 12.0.1alpha22, but shows all I can do is reinstall
If I try to run the FreePBX Upgrader install is comes back with "A FreePBX version below 12.0alpha1 is required, you have 12.0.0alpha1.

I have tried a few times (I am in a virtual environment). I have tried manually running the .100 script and get the same result.

I have been reading through the forums and wiki and can’t see what I am missing on this update. Any help is appreciated.

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from the cli run

amportal a ma download framework
amportal a ma install framework
amportal a ma download core
amportal a ma install core

Thank you for your reply. I have run those commands.
Module framework successfully downloaded
Module framework successfully installed

Module core successfully downloaded
Module core successfully installed

Both installations had the following error.
chattr: Operation not supported while reading flags on /var/www/html/cxpanel
chattr: Operation not supported while reading flags on /var/www/html/isymphony
chattr: Operation not supported while reading flags on /var/www/html/wcb.php

After the above, the module admin it still shows that I have the same vulnerability with no updated versions to install and on the Status page it shows FreePBX is licensed under the GPL

PBX-Version shows.

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What version of framework do you have now

FreePBX ARI Framework
FreePBX Framework

Something is weird here. Firstly the latest version of Framework for 2.11 is not 39. I dont know why you have 39. Secondly you are stuck on the 2.11 track still, I just ran the same commands against a system already on 12 and it worked correctly.

The weirdest part is that you aren’t even updating 2.11.

I would clear everything out of “/var/www/html/admin/modules/_cache” then try to redownload framework and install. You should at least be on by this point.

If that doesnt work then I hope you have backups.

I really appreciate your reply. I deleted everything in the cache folder (framework wasn’t in there) and re-ran the 4 commands you gave me.

I can roll back to the previous track, and I have done that several times at this point, but all roads lead back to where I am now that I have tried.
It’s possible I am missing something, but my understanding is that running the .100 in the 5 track would get me where I need to be.
Is there something I can try pre-running that script to have a successful update?

I am not even overly concerned about rebuilding the box, however, I have several boxes to update and want to get the process down before I start the rest. Not all of them are virtual like this one is, so it will be nice to know that if I run into the same issue I have a path to go, without rebuilding.


I am going to be working on this more next week. Is there a document that explains the upgrade process to Freepbx 12? I searched foe one can’t find anything that would indicate I would do anything other than run the .100 procedure in the 5 track.