Upgrade from 2.10 to 2.11 - Issue

I am following the instructions on the 2.10 to 2.11 toolbox. I get to the point when I should be updating all modules. THe core was next and this is what I get. It does not budge from the bottom code. Any hints?

Good news all around: This is a cloned drive I am using that is not actually a part of the system in use. This is also the 3rd time I have gone back to a cloned version and tried again.

Here is the action i get:

Please wait while module actions are performed
Downloading core 989523 of 989523 (100%)
Checking if directdids need migrating…already done
updating zap callgroup, pickupgroup…not needed
checking for delay_answer field …already exists
checking for pricid field …already exists
Checking if trunk table migration required…not needed
Checking if privacy manager options exists…already exists
Checking for noanswer_cid field…already exists
Checking for busy_cid field…already exists
Checking for chanunavail_cid field…already exists
Checking for noanswer_dest field…already exists
Checking for busy_dest field…already exists
Checking for chanunavail_dest field…already exists
Checking for General Setting migrations…preparing
RINGTIMER prepared
TONEZONE prepared
General Settings migrated
Deleting unused globals…done
Converting IAX notransfer to transfer if needed…updated 0000 records
deleting obsoleted record_in and record_out entries…ok
checking for dest field in outbound_routes…added
checking for continue field in trunks…added
migrated ALLOW_SIP_ANON Value: no to admin table
deleting ALLOW_SIP_ANON from globals…done
Inserted ALLOW_SIP_ANON fine
renaming table zapchandids to dahdichandids…ok
migrating zap table contents to dahdi table…ok
removing zap table…ok
preparing device 10 dial to DAHDI/

… and it stays there forever.


I find this a more stable way of updating

amportal a dbug

then try the upgrade and post relevant error here

I would but the tool to update from 2.10 to 2.11 does not seem to be there anymore. Odd.

Anyways, I am on 2.10 and all modules are installed and updated. I want to go to 2.11. All of the wiki/stickies/whatever have all failed me and the appear to all be outdated.

That version of the Distro was never setup to support FreePBX 11. That is why it ended at 2.10. I suggest installing a newer Distro and restoring your backup.

the directions on just how to do what tony is suggesting is on the page I mentioned in the earlier post.

Yeah, I tried your way and all I got was error error error.

I guess I’ll rebuild from the beginning and try an install.