Upgrade from 14 to 15 and to Asterisk 16 - problem with S500 phones

Did an upgrade yesterday and all went smoothly.
PBX Version:
PBX Distro: 12.7.6-2002-2.sng7
Asterisk Version: 16.9.0

Today someone left a message so I pressed the flashing message button and got ‘Failed to load XML file’.

Same happened when pressing the Parking button (XML-API / REST-Parking). So went into Endpoint Manager and did a rebuild and update. Parking still the same, while Messages button now shows My Voicemail which is not what it was before - I used to see a list of messages.

I updated to latest 1.62 firmware and updated all phones. No change.

Any advice welcome.

Just realised that I did uninstall a collection of Commercial modules which had ‘Buy’ next to them (I don’t really understand why they are installed) including Phone Apps.

I have now installed Phone Apps again just in case it was needed and indeed my Parking button works again.

But the Messages button still just does a *97 instead of showing a list of messages.

I can’t see where that is changeable.

In the Endpoint Manager, go to your Sangoma template. On the “Options” tab there is an entry “Voicemail Key Type”. You can toggle between “Voicemail Application” and “Standard Voicemail” (ie. *97).

Thank you. It was already set to “Voicemail Application”, I set it to “Standard Voicemail” > Save-Apply then back to “Voicemail Application” > Update phones-Apply and that seems to have done it.

I did not actually test the phones again before doing the above. The VM running FreePBX is shutdown during the night, backed up and then restarted so it is possible that the re-boot did the actual fix.

Thanks again.

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