Upgrade from 12 to 13 Issue(s)

On system built from source (asterisk 13 + FreePBX 12) on an up to date CentOS 6 cluster.

Using the Upgrade Tool to go from 12 to 13, it seemed to go OK. The UI is all new stuff and I can move around and see things. However, as soon as I try to do pretty much anything, I get an error page:

stat failed for /etc/dahdi/modules

I tried running from the console “fwconsole ma upgradeall” at which point I get the same basic result:

fileowner(): stat failed for /etc/dahdi/modules

I ran “fwconsole chown” but that did not fix anything.

What is the solution?

It is unlikely you need a dahdi helper on a clustered system, uninstall/delete it, dahdi will still work if in fact you need it.

That was simple, thanks. [you are right, dahdi not used at all]