Upgrade Freepbx from 5.211.65-21 to 12 uisng upgrade module

Dear all,

I would like to upgrade my Freepbx to the latest version 12 using the upgrade module under module admin. I have made a total backup of the system using Mondo Rescue, which have have safe on another machine. I also use the in-built back routine in Freepbx, which runs once a week… (and I copy these off to another machine for safe keeping).

Can anyone give me feedback on the upgrade process, and if I am likely to expect any problems? I have purchased and am using the System Admin module (just this one purchase - no more), which keeps my Freepbx all nice and up to date - the Freepbx installation is working perfectly with no problems of any kind…

You may ask why I want to upgrade when all is so well, answer being the Freepbx 12 looks so good and I fancy has some new features I can play with - and then use…

Many thanks in advance…


I did the upgrade recently without issue… Follow the Wiki for the upgrade process and you will be ok, you have a backup so don’t sweat it.

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We are unaware of any problems with upgrading. We ran through hundreds of machines in testing, and there haven’t been any bugs reported on this in a while.

Just remember to upgrade everything, otherwise you’ll have errors trying to do a reload.

Cheers Rob,

So will the Upgrade Modue under Module Admin do the complete version change - and change everything? (i.e. - I just run this modue and let it do its stuff).

I am told there is a Wiki page that covers the process, I have had a look but can only find the upgrade scripts to keep a version up to date, not a page that shows how to change from 5.211.65-21 to 12.


Cheers for getting back… Do you have a link for that page? I can only find in version upgrade scripts (which I dont use as I have the purchased Admin Pro module doing that for me).


I do not think the Admin Pro module does Major Releases like that. I also Run SysAdmin Pro and it does all the minor releases only… At least it never ever notified or updated the Major release for me.

The UpGrade is listed here Click me for the upgrade process


You are all stars for coming back so fast…


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