Upgrade FreePBX from 2.7 to 2.8


I did the upgrade from 2.7 to 2.8 using the 2.8 Upgrade Tool.
I have two questions:

1º What’s ARI Admini Password? Where’s used?
2º How to enable the nativly dahdi suppor and disable compatbility mode? Because at the extensions admin panel, continues to appear compatibility mode.

Thanks a lot.

You can specify ARI Admin settings in amportal.conf, for example:


To disable compatibility mode, in amportal.conf:


or just remove it as false is the default. You will have to re-configure anything that requires DAHDI, there is no migration from zaptel settings to DAHDI.


Thanks a lot for your help, but FreePBX keep showing Zap Trunk (DAHDI compatibility mode).

Another thing, after upgrade FCBEEPONLY=true always, but at /etc/amportal.conf it’s FCBEEPONLY=false.
When I try to switch, for example Day/Night, I hear only a beep.