Upgrade Freepbx from 1.818.210.58, but i've Centos 6.2 on the system

Some time ago I created a new installation of FreePBX, FreePBX using the iso-2.210.62-6-i386-Full-1363357527. I did the backup from the previous system (1.818.210.58) and performed a restore on the new one. Everything is ok. I’ve done time in all the various updates and the system runs smoothly. Now I wanted to upgrade the system to the latest version (5.211.65), but if I check the version of FreePBX, I have an answer 1.818.210.58-1 (Asterisk (Ver., and as I know I get Centos 6.2 release. At this point, what script should I use to pass the meantime, maybe 3.211 or 5.211 directly to? thanks