Upgrade FPBX GUI so backup can be used on Distro

I have FreePBX,RHEL 4, Asterisk and want to get it upgraded to the point where our current config can be restored to the current Distro on a new machine.

Can this be done or are all my ver just to far back to do this? I have been upgrading this afternoon but once I got to the “Check for updates online” option does not work. I click on it and it goes to full white page and has text that says “Module Administration”


You have quite a road to travel. Your Linux is so old it has to be updated, along with http, sql, PHP etc. Then you need to remove Zaptel, install DAHDI and after that you can update Asterisk. Once that is done you can download and update FreePBX.

In my opinion it would be easier to enter your data back in by hand and install the latest ISO distro from FreePBX.