Upgrade FPBX 12 to 13 Missing information on Fax tab

I am new, I have upgraded fpbx from 12 to 13 version and under Fax tab of User Manager I have ony 2 items ENABLED
All the other items are missing (Store Locally, Ourgoing ID, etc…), please could you help me to fix the problem ?

Your licensed for faxpro probably expired and the older versions do not support the new way of doing things. You will need to update your faxpro license to continue.

Note: this is stated before you upgrade from 12 to 13.

Thanks for your answer, but I have never got any license of Fax Pro

Then you will never see those fields. They are for fax pro only. You can only store faxes with fax pro. Same with outgoing ID, you can’t send faxes without fax pro.

Thanks Andrew, the guide
is not clear about fax and fax pro.

I really appreciate your help !

Thanks I have fixed this.