Upgrade Directory Pro and IVR Pro to current "non-commercial" versions?

Running distro version 10.13.66-13 all modules supposedly up-to-date… but I was looking at the recent bulletin about Sangoma’s opening of several modules and started to scratch my head as both Directory-Pro and IVR-Pro are still showing as commercial on my system, and both showing 2.11.0.x versions with the “enabled, not available online” flag showing.

I checked the github links in the bulletin and see there that the current versions of these two modules are showing 2.11.2 there. So, question is why did these two modules get stuck in sort of limbo on this system… and how should I go upgrading them to current?


What you are seeing IS current. No one has submitted any new code, so that’s pretty much it.

We have also thrown in a few actively maintained modules such as XMPP, RESTapi and Text-To-Speech Engines that will allow broader use and community contributions. Moving forward these modules will still be maintained by Sangoma. In the coming months, we hope to have some great new features regarding RESTapi.

So maybe I’m missing something here then…

They’re still both sitting at the pre-announcement 2.11.0.x versions which means they are both still showing as “commercial”. Don’t they need to be at least “touched” (ie. 2.11.2) so they’ll be recognized as non-commercial and not require a license to use the features?


We haven’t released versions of these modules in years. The source is online but the modules aren’t distributed in our online repository.