Upgrade asterisk non distro

im currently running asterisk 1.8 and would like to upgrade.
however im not running a freepbx distro, and the command “asterisk-version-switch” isnt available.
Once asterisk has been upgraded is there a way to update freepbx so it reconises the new asterisk version?

What Distro are you running?

centos 5.9
asterisk 1.8
freepbx 12

So this is something you put together by hand?

I suppose so, as I installed all the packages separately.
Do you think its going to be possible to switch asterisk versions? or is my best option to create a separate server and start a fresh?


You need to compile Asterisk manually from source if you want to switch versions outside of the distro.

FreePBX will recognize the Asterisk version automatically.