Upgrade and move to new server


I have a running Asterisk + FreePBX ( installation on one server.
Now I have a new hardware and I installed new release of Asterisk together with FreePBX (

I want to move all my existing configuration to the new server.
I guess that’s not possible by just copying all config files under /etc/asterisk , right ?

Because when I do that, I can’t see my extensions and trunks on FreePBX gui.

Then I tried to copy all databases and tables to the new server. This time FreePBX GUI did not load well.
It says that there are many broken modules and some modules that belong to an older release.

So, what is the easiest and cleanest way of copying all configuration together with needed modules ?


best and easiest way is upgrade the old box to the latest same version FreePBX. Then install the backup module, run a backup, copy that to the new server and restore.

Doing a backup from one version to another version is always a crap shoot as things change between versions. When a newer version is installed it is designed to upgrade stuff that is in place but a Restore is just that. A restore. No conversion, etc so can cause problems.

Moving things the way you describe is not correct. That’s what the backup and restore function is for it knows what needs to be backed up from which locations and restores them to the proper locations.

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