Upgrade 14 to 15 - Best method

I had previously asked about upgrading from 13 to 15 using backup/restore module and got excellent tips. It worked well and I want to thank everyone who worked on that module for making it so smooth.

Now, I have a bunch of Freepbx 14 PBXs which I am planning to upgrade to 15. I understand there are two ways:

  • PBX upgrade tool

  • Back/restore module in 15

  • Which method would you recommend? Please provide pros/cons and any other tips that you may have.

  • I tried part of the PBX upgrade tool on a test environment and it seems it is recommended to have all commercial modules eligible for upgrades. If not things may break. Is this needed for both methods above? I normally purchase the licenses for multiple years but don’t purchase updates as often.

  • If I go with method 1 PBX upgrade tool, should I just take a snapshot of my VM and then proceed with the upgrade on my production environment or would you rather recommend building another freepbx 14 VM and doing backup and restore and then PBX upgrade tool.
    If there are any problems with the upgrade, how well do reverting it to snapshots work?

Thanks in advance.

Use the built in module.

I do it from the command line.

Edit: Posted how I do it here: How to: Upgrade from Freepbx 14 to 15 from Command Line

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