Upgrade 1.818.210.58 to 2.210.62 - Failing for 64BIT?


I am trying to upgrade our outdated FREEPBX installation from 1.818.210.58 to 2.210.62
I have installed all available updates and followed the link: wiki post to upgrade from FreePBX-Distro-1.8xx.210.58 to FreePBX-Distro-2.210.62

I am pretty sure our current version is 64BIT and the newly installed Server is 64BIT as well.
The restore runs successful. But I cannot get any SIP connections.
The new server is on the same IP than the old server.
i get no errors at all.

I read a few forum posts and people mentioned to check /etc/asterisk.conf to make sure it is /usr/lib64 and not /usr/lib
My current installation has /usr/lib listed?
The way I tried to check if we have 64BIT or 32BIT was:
The console of the server shows:
CentOS release 5.8
Kernel 2.6.18-308.4.1.el5 on a x86_64
This should mean I am running FREEPBX 64 BIT correct?

Any help would be appreciated.

Nope - it means you’re running 64-bit CentOS.