Updating to PHP 5.4 Safe?

Is it safe to update to PHP Version to 5.4 currently on 5.3.3?
I’m using Incredible PBX 13-13.7 on Scientific Linux
Seems Mautic and RoundCube wants PHP 5.4

Thanks, Bart

This is a fork of FreePBX. FreePBX (devs, community) has no control over what they have done and most don’t install it to see.

None of these are default or validated third party modules and nothing in FreePBX requires them. Honestly most people don’t run their PBX and mail server on the same system.

FreePBX 13 works off a PHP 5.3 due to requirements needed for certain things, however, since this is a fork you can probably update to PHP 5.4 as I don’t believe anything was removed between the two. But just keep in mind, you’re on your own when you do this. If the update breaks stuff you’ll need to downgrade.

When the time comes that you want to migrate to a supported platform, there is a script available:

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